• Annual Emission Report (AER) Deadline

    The 2014 Annual Emission Report (AER) is Fast Approaching Along with the New Reporting Requirements

    The SCAQMD has developed a new AER Reporting Tool which will now allow facilities to report their emissions on a device/equipment basis.  Effective January 2015, this new tool will replace the existing AER-Web Tool for reporting annual emissions for the 2014 calendar year.  Is your business prepared to handle all of the additional increased reporting requirements of the Annual Emissions Report (AER)?

    Davenport Engineering, Inc. is an experienced and widely recognized leader in Annual Emissions Reporting (AER) and preparation.  Call us Today for a free no hassle no obligation quote at (310) 787-4600.




  • California AB 32 GHG Verification

    CARB accredited GHG verification services to meet the September 1, 2014 AB 32 verification deadline?

    Davenport Engineering, Inc. provides GHG verification services to numerous clients throughout the United States.  Our verification team is comprised of lead verifiers, oil and gas systems specialists, a transactions specialist, and a process emissions specialist.  We are available to provide quality, cost-effective verification services to facilities subject to the September 1, 2014 verification deadline.  Call us Today for a free no hassle no obligations quote at (310) 787-4600

  • EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting

    Are you looking for help to meet the fast-approaching March 31, 2014 federal greenhouse gas reporting deadline?

    The submission deadline for the 2013 federal greenhouse gas report is March 31, 2014. Our staff is very familiar with the requirements of the  Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule (40 CFR Part 98), as well as EPA’s e-GGRT web tool. Whether you need help with e-GGRT registration, e-GGRT data entry, greenhouse gas calculations, or interpreting greenhouse gas regulations, we are available to meet your needs.

  • Career Opportunities

    Davenport Engineering, Inc. is growing! We are always looking for new talented employees, and we currently have job opportunities listed on our careers page.


Davenport's growth and success, which began in 1997 is rooted in our experience and commitment to quality. Today, Davenport Engineering, Inc. provides environmental support to a diverse range of clients in a variety of capacities.


The mission of Davenport Engineering, Inc. is accomplished through the talents and commitment of it's employees. We are committed to our employees by providing a team-orientated work environment with numerous opportunities for growth and advancement.


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