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We are a full service environmental consulting firm headquartered in Torrance, California, with expertise in air, water, waste, hazardous materials, climate change, and energy. Our clients include businesses in the petroleum, industrial gas, chemicals, manufacturing, aerospace, and energy industries.


Davenport Engineering is comprised of a team of engineers, scientists, and analysts who share a passion for environmental compliance and delivering quality solutions to our clients.

We are looking for exceptional individuals to join our growing team. Please submit a resume and letter of interest to apply to any of our open positions:

We welcome inquiries from candidates who can be an asset to our team. Regardless of our current postings, please feel free to contact us if you have an unique experience or skill to offer.

We recognize that our success lies in the commitment and many talents of our employees. To attract and retain the best and brightest, we offer a comprehensive employment package with:

Davenport Benefits Include:

  • – Competitive base salary
  • – Spot awards and bonuses
  • – Paid time-off
  • – Medical and dental insurance
  • – Employer-matching retirement plan

A Rewarding
Team Environment

At Davenport Engineering, we strive to provide the best possible work environment.

We embrace the philosophy of “total engineering,” where each of us are empowered to manage all aspects of the job – quality, budget, and schedule – and are rewarded for success accordingly. In addition, we have a progressive company culture where work-life balance and flexibility are valued.

Davenport supports our employees with:

  • – A seasonal 9/80 work schedule for all full-time employees
  • – Other flexible and part-time work schedules upon request (to fit work-life balance)
  • – Programs and tools to assist with career development (e.g., one-on-one coaching, mentorships, individual training plans, client site work opportunities)
  • – Real-time, challenging technical work that helps the regulated community comply with environmental regulations
  • – Opportunities to advance quickly into leadership roles and assume more responsibility
  • – Recognition for outstanding performance and reward for success
    Fun activities in and out of the office to strengthen our team camaraderie

Job Matrix Criteria:

  • – Task responsibilities
  • – Subject matter knowledge
  • – Technical skills
  • – Company and client expectations
  • – Organizational and project goals
  • – Expected deliverables

We offer fully integrated Davenport support—each step of the way.

The right tools

On rollover: We put the tools in place to help our employees succeed as they climb the career ladder. Each member of our staff undergoes a comprehensive annual review with the Principal Engineers to measure performance, to discuss strengths and areas for improvement, as well as to set short and long term goals. There are also quarterly reviews to ensure that milestones are reached, and employees receive regular feedback.

On-the-job training

On rollover: Davenport also recognizes the value of continued learning and training on the job. Our junior engineers have the opportunity to work on projects under the mentorship of more senior staff. In addition, our senior engineers are often asked to provide peer reviews and provide input on a variety of new projects. This allows our staff to learn both vertically and laterally. As a group, there are regular meetings and brown bags where staff members discuss environmental topics, new and emerging regulations, industry specific news and updates from government agencies. Individual training plans are also in place.

Ethical standards

On rollover: At Davenport Engineering, we maintain strong professional and ethical standards. We work hard, yet at the same time we maintain a flexible and open culture. We have an open door policy in place where each employee has the opportunity to be heard. We also engage in activities such as company outings, and team-building events to foster a unique sense of professional camaraderie.

“Davenport hires quality people. When I go to most companies, it’s a generic person, but at Davenport, I get smart people who learn quickly. The whole company is very organized.”

Davenport Client in the Oil and Gas Industry


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