Expertise and Passion

Davenport Engineering is a full service environmental consulting firm with offices in Southern California and the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Our clients trust our experience and expertise. But foremost, the Davenport team brings a passion that sets us apart. We believe it is our mission to be good stewards of the environment by helping facilities achieve and maintain environmental compliance.

Trusted Heritage

In 1997, Neal Davenport launched his own environmental consulting company. Guided by the strength of his convictions, the company built a prominent reputation in the California petroleum industry – in a state with some of the country’s most stringent regulations and in an industry known for large and complex operations.

Since then, Davenport Engineering has grown to become a leading partner for the petroleum industry in the western United States and many other industries across the country. Our work has evolved from seasonal emissions reporting into a variety of year-round compliance and reporting services.

Looking forward, the Davenport team is excited for continued growth and new opportunities. From rapidly changing technology to a seeming explosion of data, we are eager to meet the new environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.

“We recognize that building and maintaining environmental compliance programs can be time consuming. We thrive at helping our clients manage the complexities of both routine and unexpected compliance and reporting in the petroleum, chemicals, manufacturing, aerospace, and energy sectors.”

Neal Davenport,
Principal Engineer and Founder

Our deep environmental compliance knowledge has become synonymous with category leadership—making Davenport a “go to” source in the market and solidifying our roster of loyal customers.

Key Industries


Each industry is unique in its environmental regulations and issues. Some of the key industries we understand and support include:

  • Petroleum
  • Bulk Terminals & Storage
  • Industrial Gases
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Biofuels
  • Aerospace
  • Goods Movement
  • Food Processing
  • Energy


Davenport Engineering is a trusted name for environmental regulatory compliance, emissions reporting, and much more. Some of our areas of expertise include:


We help our clients comply with environmental laws, regulations, standards,
and other requirements from multiple agencies, including:

leadership team