Climate Change

Davenport Engineering has been a leader in climate change compliance since California adopted AB 32 in 2006. We build greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventories, serve as a CARB accredited verification body under the AB 32 Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR), and support a full range of climate change topics such as the AB 32 Cap-and-Trade program and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program.

Greenhouse Gas

The EPA and California greenhouse gas (GHG) mandatory reporting regulations (MRR) require that certain facilities prepare and submit an annual GHG emission inventory report by March 31 and April 10, respectively, for the previous calendar year. The EPA MRR report is submitted to EPA via the eGGRT webtool and the AB 32 MRR report is submitted to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) via the Cal-eGGRT webtool.

Davenport Engineering has been actively involved in both GHG reporting programs since their inception. We support all regulated facilities that generate GHG emissions, including facilities that engage in fuel combustion, electricity generation, lime manufacturing, glass production, oil and gas extraction, pulp/paper manufacturing, and hydrogen production.

Our clients recognize our GHG experience and confidently rely upon us to:

  • · Determine the applicability of federal and state GHG reporting regulations to their operations
  • · Calculate GHG emissions in accordance with methods stipulated by the regulations
  • · Anticipate and address changes in regulations that will impact their potential emissions
  • · Develop and maintain GHG Monitoring Plans that comply with the reporting regulations
  • · Report GHG emissions accurately through the e-GGRT reporting web tool
  • · Identify and implement improvements in the facility’s compliance strategies
  • · Prepare and support California facilities throughout the verification process
  • · Create a sustainable data management system for future reporting years
  • · Advise California clients on impacts of regulatory and operational changes to their emissions and AB 32 Cap-and-Trade allowances and obligations

Greenhouse Gas

In California, most GHG facilities required to submit a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions report each year to CARB are also required to hire a CARB-approved third-party Verification Body to verify, or audit, their GHG reports. Subject facilities must have their reports verified before August 10 each year.

Davenport Engineering is an outstanding choice if you are seeking a CARB accredited GHG Verification Body. We have been an accredited Verification Body under California’s AB 32 GHG mandatory reporting regulation (MRR) since 2010. As a Verification Body, we hold the full set of CARB accreditations making us eligible to verify facilities in all industries. Our core verification staff are CARB accredited GHG verifiers who have earned one or more of the additional CARB accreditations below.

  • · Lead Verifier
  • · Oil and Gas Sector Specialist
  • · Process Emissions Sector Specialist
  • · Transactions Sector Specialist

If you are not subject to AB 32 verification, but seeking to audit your EPA, state, or internal GHG emission inventory, we are here to help. We can employ the same AB 32 verification concepts to identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in your GHG emission calculations and management systems. Furthermore, we can work with you to resolve these gaps and make improvements to strengthen your program.