Davenport Engineering, Inc. is growing and is always seeking the best talent to join our team. We recognize that our success is accomplished through the talents and commitment of the employees. As such, the company is dedicated to supporting its employees by providing the best possible work environment with a variety of opportunities for growth. Davenport Engineering, Inc. provides full-time employees with a comprehensive benefits package which includes a competitive base salary, vacation and paid sick time, medical and dental insurance, and a retirement plan contribution match.

Davenport Engineering, Inc. is a team-oriented organization with the opportunity for entry-level staff to work with both senior and principal engineers.  Additionally we seek to provide a positive, challenging and rewarding work environment for all employees and foster and environment characterized by respect for the individual, where everyone contributes cohesively towards meeting organizational goals.  Davenport Engineering, Inc. strives to create a culture conducive to individual growth, yet focused on team-orientated solutions to the environmental needs of our clients.

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