Wastewater Permitting

LACSD requires any industrial facilities that wish to discharge wastewater to the sewer system to obtain an Industrial Wastewater (IWW) Discharge Permit.  This permit is limited to facilities discharging large quantities of wastewater from non-human origins (e.g. manufacturing, processing, agricultural). Facilities discharging only domestic wastewater (e.g. restrooms, sinks, showers) are exempt from obtaining an IWW permit. IWW permits are valid for a period of five (5) years, unless modifications are requested, and must be renewed prior to expiration.  Facilities proposing major modifications (greater than 25% change to previously approved permit limits) must submit a permit revision package; facilities wishing to make a minor modification (less than 25% change to previously approved permit limits) must submit an addendum package.

Storm Water General Industrial PermitFacilities completing a permit application for the first time or requesting a major modification must include a completed application form, which includes a variety of information about the facility and expected wastewater discharge. Along with the completed permit application forms, new dischargers are required to submit sewerage plans showing the facility wastewater sewer layout, a plot plan showing overall facility layout, and plans of the facility’s wastewater pretreatment and sampling areas. In addition to the required plans and forms, new dischargers may be asked to provide spill containment, flow measurement system, rainwater, or gas monitoring system plans.  Supporting information for the permit application includes:

  • Form A: Applicant’s Questionnaire
  • Form B: Estimation of Industrial Wastewater Discharge Flow
  • Form C: Tank Schedule and Spill Containment Calculations
  • Form D: Permit Application Check List
  • Waste Minimization Plan
  • Facility process description
  • Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals used at the facility
  • Wastewater Analyses (existing facilities only)
  • Baseline Monitoring Report (EPA regulated industries)
  • Equipment Costs and Specifications
  • Baseline Credit Information: established by the property’s prior owner’s discharge parameters
  • Notification Report of the Discharge of Hazardous Wastes (if applicable)

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