Storm Water Services

Storm Water Services

Storm Water discharges are covered in the Clean Water Act (CWA).  The CWA was a federal piece of legislation passed in 1972. This piece of legislation was passed with the objective of restoring and maintaining the integrity of the nation’s waters.  Under the CWA specific storm water discharges containing pollutants, with the potential to impact waters of the US is prohibited. Except where a discharge occurs at a permitted facility and where the discharger maintains compliance with all of the conditions contained in their permit. The state of California governs and maintains compliance with the CWA.  California does this through the implementation of its own state-wide program.  California issues specific state-wide permits.  These permits cover select categories of storm water discharge activities which include:

  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Municipal

The industrial storm water permit for California is known as the “General Permit” and can be referred to below:

California General Permit

California regulates industrial Storm Water programs based on a business’ Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code.  Industrial facilities that discharge storm water and are subject to the storm water program in their state of residency, are required to register their storm water discharges with the state.  Businesses subject to the storm water program must demonstrate their willingness to comply with the conditions as set forth within the General Permit to which they are subject to. In order to do so, businesses must initially prepare and submit the following documentation:

  • Notice of Intent (NOI)
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP or SWP3)
  • Payment of fee

Once a business has submitted the outlined documentation, it is reviewed by the state. Upon receipt of state approval the business is now legally allowed to discharge storm water. Storm water discharged from the business must now comply with all of the permit conditions. The business will be required to perform quarterly storm water sampling. Additional record keeping requirements will also be contained in the new permit. For a complete list of state specific permit requirements please refer to the link above.

Davenport Engineering is experienced in providing quality, cost-effective industrial storm water services to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. We have an experienced staff that has performed numerous storm water projects. For complete comprehensive details on all storm water services provided, contact us today. Or if you have an upcoming storm water project that you are seeking support for we would love to hear from you.