SB14 Reporting

SB14 is a commonly used abbreviation for Senate Bill 14 sometimes referred to as the California Hazardous Waste Source Reduction Management Review Act – a California piece of legislation dating back to 1989.  SB14 requires facilities generating more than 26,400 pounds (12,000 Kg) of federally regulated and/or California regulated routinely generated waste streams to file a report documenting their source reduction efforts every 4-years.


SB14 documentation is comprised of three separate reports:

1) Source Reduction Evaluation Review and Plan (Plan)

2) Hazardous Waste Management Performance Report (Report)

3) Summary Progress Report (SPR)

In the past businesses were required to retain all three documents on-site at their facilities, while submitting only the SPR to Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) by the September 1st reporting deadline.  The Plan is a forward looking document serving as a business’s plan towards implementing Source Reduction initiatives over the course of the future four year reporting period. The Plan should provide a summary of different source reduction approaches evaluated along with providing a timetable for implementing designated source reduction methods.

The Report serves as an evaluation of the source reduction methods selected for implementation.  The Report also provides a quantitative breakdown of hazardous waste generation during the baseline reporting period and compares it to hazardous waste generation at the current reporting time.

The SPR is an abbreviated report summarizing past and future anticipated waste reduction goals.  Source reduction methods identified in both the previous and current Plan are identified along with a summary / anticipated summary of their impact on past / future expected waste generation.  While historically the SPR was the only form of documentation requiring agency submission.  On June 27, 2012 SB14 was amended via SB1018 “Public Resources” bill which now no-longer requires applicable SB14 hazardous waste generating facilities to submit a copy of their SPR to the DTSC for complete details, please refer to the following link.

Hazardous waste generators subject to the program are still required to prepare and maintain current SB14 documentation on-site at their facility.  This documentation should be readily available upon request by an outside regulatory agency.  Davenport Engineering is an experienced leader in providing comprehensive SB14 reporting services; contact us today to learn more.