Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Davenport Engineering, Inc. has expertise in Greenhouse Gas Reporting at the State and Federal levels for a variety of large and small facilities within the petroleum, industrial gas, chemical, manufacturing, and food processing industries.

Davenport Engineering, Inc. has been on the forefront of the US EPA greenhouse gas reporting and California AB 32 mandatory emissions greenhouse gas reporting regulations since their inception.  We are skilled in assessing the presence and adequacy of field monitoring equipment, developing your emissions inventory, creating sustainable data management systems for future reporting years, and providing impartial high-quality verifications of your reported emissions.

Davenport Engineering, Inc. has been an accredited verification body under California’s AB 32 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting regulation since 2010 ( Gas Reporting

For more information on California AB 32 Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Verification, please visit the pages for California Greenhouse Gas Regulations and California Greenhouse Gas Verification.

Why we should be your first choice:

We bring our full range of knowledge and capabilities to the table – our core team of engineers are all accredited by the California Air Resources Board as GHG Verifiers. Some are lead verifiers as well as Oil & Gas, Process, and Transactions sector specialists.

We build your capabilities to implement and sustain impact – our goal is not only to ensure that your reporting is compliant in every aspect, but to strengthen your program so that our impact is sustained

We tailor our approach to your needs – We offer the right level of support for your needs and budget. Through efficiency, flexibility and creativity we help you meet your goals within your budget

Our clients confidently rely upon us to help them:

  • Determine the applicability of Federal and State greenhouse gas reporting regulations to their operations
  • Calculate GHG emissions in accordance with methods stipulated by the regulations
  • Anticipate and address changes in regulations that will impact their potential emissions
  • Develop and maintain GHG Monitoring Plans that comply with the reporting regulations
  • Report GHG emissions accurately through the e-GGRT reporting web tool
  • Identify and implement improvements in the facility’s compliance strategies
  • Prepare and support facilities throughout the verification process
  • Advise clients on impacts of regulatory and operational changes to their emissions and Cap and Trade Allowances

Please contact us today to learn more about our services, or to discuss your greenhouse gas reporting needs.