California Greenhouse Gas Verification

Beginning in 2010, reporting entities in California are required to have a Greenhouse Gas Verification of their emissions data reported each year by an ARB-accredited Verification Body.  Third-party verification requirements and deadlines are specified in Section 95103(f) of the AB 32 Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR).  Compliance dates can be found here.

Davenport Engineering, Inc. has been an accredited Verification Body under California’s AB 32 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting regulation since 2010 (

We have been on the forefront of the U.S. EPA and California AB 32 mandatory emissions reporting regulations since their inception.  We are skilled in providing impartial, high-quality verification of your emissions and product data reports.

Please contact us with any questions you have pertaining to Greenhouse Gas Verification or for a free consultation.

AB 32 Greenhouse Gas Verification Process

Greenhouse Gas Verification

Tips for a Successful Greenhouse Gas Verification

  1. Develop and maintain a detailed GHG Monitoring Plan
  • Provide a copy of your plan to your verification body early
  • Use (or revise) your plan when explaining your procedures to the verifier
  • Simple drawings are useful
  • Include specific ARB guidance in your plan
  1. Demonstrate competency with reporting requirements
  • First impressions of data quality and expertise are important
  • Verifiers look for assurance that you understand the regulation and know how to report your data
  1. Start Early
  • Ensure contract includes milestones for both you and your verifier in order to meet deadline
  • Be prepared to demonstrate data completeness
  1. Carefully track version control for all documents and data
  1. Consider a site visit if system is complicated, even if not required
  • Get everyone together in the same room
  • Be sure correct personnel are available
  1. Expect clear documentation from verifier
  • Ask for revisions if not clear initially
  1. Ask ARB for help and request answers in writing

Source: CARB Training, “Tips for a Successful ARB GHG Report Verification”, April 24, 2013 (