Davenport Engineering, Inc.’s history dates back to 1997 the year the company was founded to provide environmental support services to the petroleum and chemical manufacturing industries. Our success and growth is rooted in our people, and in our experience and commitment to quality. Today, we are well respected within the local petroleum refining industry and enjoy long standing client relationships with five major oil refineries in the western United States and a number of pipeline terminal facilities. Davenport Engineering, Inc. also supports a diverse range of other industries including industrial gas manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, food processing, and more.

History - Davenport Engineering, Inc.

Emissions inventory work has been our core business focus from day one. About half of our labor hours are spent on emissions inventory related work. Over the years, this core business has expanded to include development of complex emission calculations, custom Microsoft Access databases, greenhouse gas calculations, and other record-keeping tools. Other areas of environmental expertise include air permitting, Title V program development and management systems, compliance reporting, rule interpretation and implementation, environmental project management, auditing and greenhouse gas verifications, health risk assessment modeling, environmental database development, environmental record-keeping, environmental data bench marking, chemical inventory reporting, and water discharge reporting.