Davenport Engineering Staff

Davenport Engineering, Inc. is comprised of a diverse group of professionals with educational backgrounds including chemical, environmental, and mechanical engineering.  Our engineering staff works as compliance specialists, emissions and risk modelers, and database programmers.  We also have non-engineering staff that work on data entry and recordkeeping.  Within our team we have Certified Professional Engineers, SCAQMD Permitting Professionals, Qualified Industrial Storm Water Practitioners, and CARB accredited lead and general verifiers in all sectors.

We strongly emphasize a team-centric work environment where constant communication and collaboration allows each member to contribute to organizational goals. When working for a client, each project involves a dedicated team made up of a Principal Engineer, Senior and Staff Engineers, Interns, and Program Administrators. This cohesive working environment is evident throughout our company’s culture. Together Davenport Engineering staff all work continuously towards striving to be the best at what we do.