Title V Permit Revisions

Within the 5 year period between Title V permit renewals, facilities are able to alter their permit via the permit revision process.  A facility can make necessary edits to permits at any time as needed.  When making a permit revision, facilities must submit the necessary forms to the local air quality management organization requesting approval of each change.  Permit revisions are generally categorized in the following ways:

  • Administrative Permit Amendment – Includes changes in facility name, address and responsible official, corrections of typographical errors and minor permit modifications that do not need public review.
  • Minor Modifications – Includes permit changes that do not violate applicable requirements, do not significantly change existing monitoring, reporting and recordkeeping requirements, and do not require case-by-case emissions limitations. Multiple Minor Modifications can be grouped together and processed on a quarterly basis.
  • Significant Modifications – Includes all other permit changes that do not fit into the other categories such as significant changes to monitoring, reporting and recordkeeping and setting potential to emit (PTE) limits.

Davenport Engineering, Inc. has extensive experience with the Title V permit revision process.  Our work with a variety of industries makes us a valuable resource for a facility seeking assistance in revising its permit.  We strive to streamline and simplify the permit revision process for our clients to allow quick and successful permit revision requests.

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